Divine Series

Blood Crescent Excerpt Below:

BloodCrescentcoverGenre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance Coming of Age



Crystal’s body struggles between the magic of her diviner past and the transformation of the serpent’s kiss, which could ultimately lead to her death. All the while, avoiding detection by the Divine Council whose intentions are too mysterious not to question, but happens to be the only lead she has to finding her missing mother. Betrayal, and manipulation lead her to doubt the only person she thought she could trust and her feelings for Victor, her closest friend, get twisted even further when Damien, the council’s hunter, talks of destiny and the line between reality, memories, and fantasy fade into a supernatural roller coaster she hadn’t signed up for.

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The shoe box was covered in newspaper clippings pasted on with Elmer’s Glue; we made it together the day I asked my father why I didn’t have a mother. Over time it was layered with so much history it was a hard cast, buried deeper the more events were added. It was used as a bookend, no one would know it had anything inside it, except if you picked it up and shook it. My father had been adding layers to the paperweight more recently for an entire year, one article at a time, but two years ago he told me to open it as he drove me to the bus station. That was the last time I ever saw him, alive.

“You remember the memory box we made together?” His face paler than usual. A bit of grey under his eyes and cheekbones. My father didn’t always look like a ghost; that was recent. He had been forgetful lately, and I figured food was one of those things he couldn’t remember either.

I used to think of him like an older version of Super Man, but now he looked like he’d been stuck in a cellar with kryptonite for the past few months. I knew what box he was talking about, but I didn’t remember putting anything in it myself. He was getting more frail by the moment.

“The papier-mâché box?”

“That’s the one,” he scratched behind his ears creating red streaks along the way.

I ignored the box he pointed to beside me and climbed over the middle console to be at his side, sitting on the front passenger seat. He smiled gently, saying not to worry, it was just eczema. It was hard not to believe him, when the lie was followed by a soft chuckle.

Several minutes passed in silence as he drove. Until his hands trembled and his back became stiff.

“Crystal.” Hard and strong, made in a science class out of sugar or salt, some boiling water, and a string. I had to be strong after what I’d seen, and for him, he needed me to be strong. He said my name through chattering teeth. Soft, in a hushed tone, soothing like a warm wind wrapping you up and promising you sweet nothings. But I wasn’t precious, as he believed I was, just an everyday human experiment. I remembered this moment, more than most, because it still tore at my insides.

“You’re the next in line. They’ll come for you if they know. I promised your mother that I’d keep you safe. Don’t let them know, don’t let anyone know.” My father’s face sunk deeper, and his eyes were wide in a frenzied turmoil. I wasn’t stupid, I knew he was losing his mind. But I was too naïve to know I was going to lose more than sanity. Maybe it was genetic, or maybe he wasn’t that crazy after all, but my heart raced to meet his quick plea. Anxious, ready, and believing despite myself. Deep down I felt it in my bones, he was trying to protect me, and I wouldn’t let him down.

“They’re coming… I can’t remember your mother’s face anymore. I know they’re here… they’ll clean up everything. Me… even you. Only a matter of time,” he continued to ramble incoherently…(Add Blood Crescent to your GoodReads list)