Her Alien Prince

Her Alien Prince

For one queen to rise, another must fall, and keeping her is the highest cost of all... his soul.

Rejected from the mating ceremony, Mabel finds a unique way of making her dreams of a family come true, though she may have to defy the leader of her planet to do so, and work with a species that isn't known for playing fair to have everything she desires.

Trent is the prince of his planet Krelis, and his mother, the queen, is on the verge of issuing a hostile takeover of yet another planet. The only way to stop a war and stop the hemorrhaging of his warriors is to seek a political mate bond with the future leader of Estreldez, but the one that stirs his mating glands is an advisor outcast from her clan.

Book two in the Treasures of Trillume series, all stand-alone steamy alien romances with an interwoven plotline. Trigger Warnings: Fertility issues, sexually explicit, Mature audiences only

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About the Book
Series: Treasures of Trillume, Book 2
Genres: Alien Romance, Romance, Sci-fi
Tags: 1st person narrative, Alien Romance, My Books
ISBN: 9781732247543
List Price: 1.99
eBook Price: 3.99
About the Author
Sky Robert

Smuttier monster love alien romances

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