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When is your next book coming out?

What are you reading right now?

When is your next event/signing?

How did you come up with your idea for the Divine series?

Press Kit, Media Kit, OPK – Link upcoming

I want a signed copy, but am unable to make it to a local event in Washington State, how do I get one? I bought your book but want something signed, can I get a bookmark?

How do you balance making demands on the reader with taking care of the reader?

I don’t have a Kindle but I want to read your digital books, What do I do?

I’m a bookstore or retailer, where can I purchase your book wholesale?


When is your next book coming out?

I have so many books in my head, and not enough time to put them all out there all at once, but here is the current schedule for the Divine series, and I’ll reveal the next project before the release of Book Three. (wiggles eyebrows) So many stories to tell you. All within the Paranormal Fantasy/Sci-Fi fantasy realm.

Divine series:

Blood Crescent released on September 21st 2018

Blood Rebirth released January 2019

Blood Queen is scheduled to release OCTOBER 2021

If you’re reading this Q&A then you secretly get to know that I’m currently working on 4 upcoming projects:

A Medusa + Poseidon Romance Retelling

A Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance

A Fae Epic Fantasy Romance

& a collaboration Sci-fi Alien Romance

Stay posted on these releases and be reminded when each one is available by joining the voices in my head by subscribing to the mailing list, you can unsubscribe at anytime, for a limited time you can grab Blood Crescent for FREE by subscribing today. Already have the book? But want to stay posted, then just subscribe by submitting your email in the sidebar. (The subscriber link sends you to a Mailchimp landing page)

I’m a bookstore or retailer where can I purchase your books wholesale?

That is super lovely that you want to display and provide my book to your customers. The printed book can be purchased through Google Forms or through the top page that says Signed Books. Just make a note in the Special Instructions section that says you’re a wholesaler, and how many books you need.

What are you reading right now?

So many things. I usually read a writing craft book in between each book I write, and sometimes in the middle of writing one. But, for my own amusement’s sake I read what I like to write. You can find books I’m reading now at my book review site: You can see everything I read by following me on Goodreads.

I’m part of a book club or school and want to order in bulk with discounts, can I do that?

Yes, yes you can. If you are a book club that would like to read one of my books you can get a discount for a bulk order of between 10-28 books of 20% off. Also, you get the benefit of cheaper shipping costs. All of these books will be shipped from the publisher directly to the organizer’s home with tracking info. Or you can can signed copies (but this will delay the shipping as it needs to be sent to me then to you)

Add that you are ordering for book club in the special instructions section of the Google Forms Order

If you are a school or teacher, please let me know how many books you’re looking to order for your classroom. Verification of employment needed to received 30% off for classrooms.
You’re a teacher and want to purchase less than 10 books? That’s okay too!

Please be aware that print books are POD and are non-returnable. However, if your book arrives damaged, at time of receipt take a picture and email for replacement.

Thank you again for being an advocate for learning and reading! I love to support teachers, schools, and book clubs.

Also, happy to provide book club materials upon request.
Please keep in mind that shipping may vary depending on location, this will be included in the invoice.

When is your next event/signing?

Due to current events, things are digital for the time being.

I want a signed copy, but am unable to make it to a local event in Washington State, how do I get one?

That is wonderful! If you want a signed book, I have a limited amount of signed copies that you can purchase while in stock through Google Forms Signed Book Purchase. I’ll send a Paypal or Square invoice, once accepted, the book will be shipped out asap with handmade recycled packaging. I’m big on recycling cardboard, so I use old boxes to keep your book safe and the environment too! (Keep in mind shipping varies depending on location.)

How did you come up with your idea for the Divine series?

I had a dream of Chrystal, not known as Chrystal at the time, and Damien, not named at the time, circling each other in the air with colorful fog all around them. Two moons transitioned and layered in the center, each casting their light on the rotating couple. All leading up to this passionate kiss and then a sudden fall to the ground at the realization that they hardly know each other, but something is drawing them together.

Then another idea hit me, I was part of the mutant gene, and then thought about what if my power was super sucky? Then I’m thrown into a world of the supernatural, and the only thing I did was have energy that helped other mutants by just existing. How mind-bendingly horrible would that be on a teenage soul when you’re trying to discover who you are, and who you are is tied to everyone else?

It’s like rolling the mutant D20 dice and getting a natural 1 where you rely on everyone else in your party to make sure you don’t bleed out, or cause other people to suffer before the D&D campaign is over. Then, thinking about how someone would over come that start, how they discover what makes them special outside of that, and the change in people when they think they’re going to die anyway.

Yup that’s my inner nerd coming out, but the next theme in there that really built this book was my take on vampires, psychic energy vampires.

Ever walk into a party and feel like you would normally have fallen asleep hours ago, but you keep on going, your energy buzz is so high you can keep dancing. Then there are other times where you go to a party and you were ready to party all night, but for some reason you can’t bring yourself to go on any further, you want to go home and sleep? What if those times you were secretly being attacked or transfused by ENERGY vampires.

Those were the building blocks of Blood Crescent. The plot, how you say, was pantsed (writing by the seat of your pants) while I wrote. The characters took it from there. I was just as surprised by the outcomes as the reader is, I just had time to edit it and fill in all the little plot bunnies before anyone else got to see the blob that it was before.

How do you balance making demands on the reader with taking care of the reader?

When spelling something out in a book I ask myself, “Is it necessary? Am I telling instead of showing? Would it be more emotional with or without?”

Don’t distrust the reader too much, they are a lot more smart than most realize. Most of the time the reader will build something greater in their mind than I could ever create in my words alone. Words are merely what guide them there.

So, I am very torn between explaining something outright, when I feel like enough information is provided to lead the reader to higher experience on their own. It is a continual struggle, and I hope that my readers appreciate that I keep a bit of mystery to whether something is supposed to be one way or the other. Like whether Damien or Victor are bad or good for Chrystal? Each one does things that benefit her, but they also have their own selfish reasons for why they do what they do. Which one do you think is doing the right thing? And isn’t the “right thing” subjective anyways? I try to give my readers a fast, easy read, but also enough rope to really be able to think about what’s going on.

There will be some people who think I haven’t explained enough, other will be happy that everything wasn’t spelled out for them, and others still will believe I gave too much direction, and they wanted a bit more of a challenge. Either way, you can’t please everyone. I’m happy to please the people that I do. I heart all of your faces.

I don’t have a Kindle but I want to read your digital books, What do I do?

So, you don’t have a Kindle.

MOBI files getting you down?

Have no fear!

If you are unable to read my book from a (MOBI) file, I can send you the appropriate file for your device.

Step One: Please proceed to purchase the e-book from Amazon.

Step Two: Email me with a subject “EXCHANGE MY MOBI” and the receipt and I will send you your preferred digital format. Please be sure to include your preference. EPUB? PDF? Done and done.

stevie (dot) mccoy (at)gmail (dot) com

This is broken up like this so only real humans will email. (This exchange may take up to 24 hours to complete)

If you have not heard from me, please contact via the Contact form on the site to let me know to check my spam folder.

Note: Once you’ve received this file, please do not redistribute this exchanged book, as that is considered piracy. This is meant to be your copy and only your copy. Sharing a file without consent from an author is not a victim-less crime. Please feel free to read my blog post on this issue. Piracy and the Cost of Making a Book. Don’t be the reason this benefit is taken away from other honest and lovely readers. Too much piracy is the difference between an author eating ramen for the rest of their lives, or occasionally having the benefit of eating food with actual nutritional value.

Note 2: Please also do not buy the book and then return it after receiving your exchanged copy, this is also bad form and will result in this perk being taken away from people who can actually benefit from it who have legit purchased the book and have legit supported the future works into existence. Finding loopholes to steal from an author is the same thing as digging a hole for their grave, and praying to the Oracle and Goddess that no more works should ever be made or distributed by this author ever. Because authors do not write to make a lot of money, they write for the love of the craft… but it costs money to bring a book into consumable form for your reading pleasure. Don’t be the reason why other readers don’t get the benefit of another book.

Thank you for being a wonderful voice in my head, and I hope you truly enjoy the book! Don’t forget to sign up for the Voices in My Head Newsletter so that you get super secret goodies and know when the next book is released.

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I’m kind of a lover of Easter eggs, and I don’t mean the kind you eat… unless they are chocolate.

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