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Jewel of the Alien Bandit: A Sci-fi Alien Fated Mates Romance

A jewel to steal. A planet to save. A leader to love?

Just the right amount of world building, plot and spice!

This steamy, page-turning romance between an outlaw alien and the strong female ruler that wants him, will have you devouring every morsel towards their HEAFN.

“Fated mates can be tricky, especially when Luan’s mate could jeopardize her planet and her species. Sounds like forbidden love, alien-style, and I couldn’t get enough. The characters and world-building suck you into Jewel of the Alien Bandit. The romance is hot while the setting is pure science fiction. It was pure bliss to listen to the voice actors act out the story. I seriously lost sleep over this audiobook. If you love alien fated-mates romance, you have to give Jewel of the Alien Bandit a listen.” 5++ Stars N.N. Light’s Book Heaven Book Review

(Nominated for N.N. Light’s Book Awards for 2024!)

Taking Medusa: A Greek Myth Romantasy Retelling

Now that the gods have found me… I’m destined to die.

Hades wants me to join him. Zeus is still bitter about an age-old prophecy that the dark gods, the monsters of Tartarus, will rule Olympus. And Poseidon is the key to everything, maybe even my heart, but his son, Triton, rules Atlantis, and I accidentally killed his daughter, Coraline.

All I know for certain is the gods have mistreated us ‘monsters’ long enough, and I’m yanking through the ribbons of fate to change my history before I’m beheaded all over again.

“Think you know Greek mythology? After reading this book, you’ll discover the real story behind Medusa. I admit, I love Greek mythology. What I love even more is this imaginative retelling of Medusa. It has everything an immersive romantic fantasy adventure ought to have: engaging characters, gods and goddesses playing with people’s lives, and a love so great and powerful, it defies prophesy.”

5++ Stars N.N. Light’s Book Heaven Book Review

(Winner of the 2023 N.N. Light’s Book Awards for Romantasy, and Nominated for PRG’s Reader’s Choice Awards)