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The page of triggers and spoilers!

Each book will have their own content warnings, but I thought it might be a nice little FYI for readers to be able to refer to this blog post for content warnings, and also typical tropes you might enjoy to skim and make your own judgement on whether you’ll enjoy my stories.

Jewel of the Alien Bandit: Fated mates, alien with alien, vibrating peen, mating runes, mating wing like jewels, reverse clit that vibrates underneath the sack for both hers and his pleasure. Mating crisis.

Warnings: 18+, MA sexual content, Strong language, slave trade is within the universe (No, the female is not kidnapped/sold to slave trade.) Fertility issues mentioned, loss of offspring mentioned. Everything is consensual. HEAFN

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Her Alien Exchange: Fated mates, alien with human female, vibrating peen, knotting peen, dangerous spiky retractable bits, gaslighting ex, consensual public sex play, exhibitionism, alpha male who’s possessive but is prideful of displaying what is his to claim. 18+, MA sexual content, strong language, again everything is consensual. HEAFN

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Her Alien Prince: A prince, a rejected advisor, a brewing war, forbidden love, telepathic mate bond, knotting, steamy stand-alone alien romance with twists and surprises that will have you devouring every page towards their HEAFN.

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Tropes: (Provided by Reviewer Becky on Goodreads: Becky (romantic_pursuing_feels)’s review of Her Alien Prince | Goodreads)

– science fiction romance

– alien setting – this book is split between two alien planets with different species and customs

– I would consider this a touch more high tech than Earth? It’s not really high tech or primitive really…there’s elements of both here – honestly it’s just so different from Earth in a refreshing way (it’s….alien 😛 )

– huge hero/tiny heroine

– BOTH mains are alien

– a touch of class difference – the hero is a prince and the heroine is not royalty (she’s a scientist that does data analysis on mating)

– VERY well endowed hero

– a touch of forbidden love – the needs certain connections for his home planet, but he’s drawn to Mabel

– mind connection

– elements of other man/other woman conflicts

– medium to high steam – there’s 4 full scenes (I counted as 3 because I combined two that were close together) but they are very steamy, long and explicit.


– The heroine was orphaned at young age

– Some scenes of violence/death, talk of murder

– Talk of infertility, lying about medical conditions and manipulating fertility/offspring

– Possible feelings of infidelity the hero has the start of an intimate scene after fingering the heroine. The whole mating culture on the planet is a bit different from Earth and while it makes the heroine upset, it’s not to the level it might be from an Earth relationship due to the mating culture

Her Alien Savior

Her Alien Savior Book cover

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– infertility

-blood play (vampiric alien customs)

-exhibitionism (alien customs)

– hero is drugged and imprisoned

– possible feelings of infidelity – there’s some level of tension between the mains and the heroine kisses another warrior as a distraction to get away – but this does follow with an open relationship type of FFM scene – the necia aliens have some feelings of protection and jealousy but are way more open sexually and with their bodies

– one FFM scene (not harem romance)

– death of an almost mate (remembered), poisoning

– death on page

Her Alien Warrior

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– infertility (Galaxy wide fertility crisis discussed, though there is no pregnancy/breeding trope)

– hero is restrained/bound during intimacy

– possible feelings of infidelity – the FMC is technically still married to her husband on Earth, though separated, and honest about her travel off world

– blood play (vampiric alien customs)

– exhibitionism (Alien customs)

– (If you find something else I should add to any of my book warnings for future readers, please email me skyrobertromances at gmail dot com)

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