BLOODY Updates what a year!

I know I’m not the only one when I say, “WHEW, what a year!” And Covid has kicked everyone’s butts. Some of those into gear, some on the ground, and others into reflection.

We’ve lost, we’ve grown, and we’ve overcome.

There is yet more still to come of all of that, but I did not waste an ounce of free time, the very little I had to make sure I was write, write, writing. Though, I must admit I was also distracted with homeowner duties, kiddo duties, and some adjustment life pains.

Without further ado, the moment you’ve been waiting for (at least if you’re here then you’ve totally been waiting for this, and I apologize for the wait.)

Blood Queen, the third installment of the Divine Series, has been completed, but still needs revisions.

To confess, the draft has been finished for a while, but I’ve set it aside not completely satisfied with something I believed was missing from the story, but I couldn’t place my finger on just what.

In the meantime I’ve been plugging away at multiple projects, and you’ll be pleasantly rewarded for the wait between publications, because I’ve finished three separate books since then, and they too will be going through editing soon. A fantasy fae lands series, a sci-fi fantasy magical alien parallel world series, and a Greek mythology reimagination untold modern gods and monsters series. I’m debating which one of these series to ship to agents versus which two I’m shipping straight to your eyeballs. Make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter on Mailchimp to keep posted on reveals, snippets and releases.

Back to my confession, Blood Queen, is scheduled to be sent to the Street Team in the next month. They will have one month to read the ARC and give any suggestions, and then… BOOM, quick double check, and then at your fingertips by end of October 2021.

Then a long overdue formatting and setup for the print versions, for all you lovers of the feel of paper and print, and the sweet sound of crisp pages being flipped, and the ever present debate over folded dogear corners, bookmarks, or spine benders. I look forward to seeing the photos of how you enjoy reading your books.

I do have paper books still, but I admit most of my reading is on my phone with a pair of blue-light glasses on. According to my Kindle Statistics, or Reading Insights. I’m at 28 books read in 2021, and a little over half way through the year I’m feeling pretty good about having a healthy balance between writing, life-ing, and reading. Though, I’m sure it might not feel that way with how long I’ve prolonged book three of the Divine Series, but I hope to make it up to you all.

I have some spots open for the Street Team, and if you want to get in on the Blood Queen ARC then be sure to sign up for the newsletter to look out for the opportunity to join while those slots are still open.

Here’s a little teaser of Blood Queen:

Her fingernail lengthened, sharpening to a point before cutting the bandage from my neck.
“You won’t be needing this… for now.” The underlying threat so thick I could choke.
My hand went to my neck, and where it was sore and healing moments before, it was smooth skin. The punctures were gone, healed over, not even a scab in its place.
“You healed me… ” I couldn’t trust her kindness, even if she was helping me now there was something in her eyes that told me none of this was for me. Everything in me said to keep my guard up. “Why are you doing this?”
“Why does anyone do anything?” She lifted a brow, and then broke eye contact with me. All of a sudden I felt like a cast around my muscles had broken. Stiff and in protest I stumbled forward into her ready arms, and back towards that wicked smile.
She was responsible. I didn’t know how, but I knew there was something powerful in her gaze. I quickly averted my eyes. “You’ve already had my blood, if I wanted you to look into my eyes again you would, and happily at that. We can do this the nice way, or I can let Luaswa deal with you himself.” I shivered at the sound of his name, all the way down to my bones chilling. She knew she had me, this place wasn’t like any place I was used to. I needed more information before I could figure out a way to get back on track.
This was only temporary, I’d remind myself.
Then why did I feel a great sense of foreboding…

Chrystal is in a completely new territory, and she isn’t alone. Trapped in the Trial Grounds, she must figure out how to release her mother from the astral plane, find the talisman to stop the Council from abusing their power, and she must accept who she is to even have a chance at surviving as more than a sacrifice for the coming prophesy.

Stay tuned for Blood Queen.

And as always, without you my world would be small, and only I would hear the stories in my head. Thank you for being part of the journey of my fantasies.

Until next time my voices,


Blood Crescent Chapter Two

The countdown is descending upon us! Release of Blood Crescent is in 7 days!

Below is a link to CHAPTER TWO in PDF! I hope you’re super excited for the release on September 21st! Don’t forget to drop on by to visit the blog tour from the 17th through the 28th!

Get ready, set…. READ!

Blood Crescent-CHAPTER 2

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Chapter One of Blood Crescent

The countdown is descending upon us! Release of Blood Crescent is in 14 days!

Below is a link to CHAPTER ONE in PDF and chapter two will be released next Friday the 14th, and then BOOM release day will be here before you know it on the 21st.

Get ready, set…. READ!

Blood Crescent-CHAPTER 1

Blood Rebirth Progress Update

I just completed the Revising phase of Blood Rebirth! Now onto Editing! Book is in the hands of my editor for a manuscript evaluation!

Blood Rebirth
Due:3 years ago


So here it is! From this to this:

Blood Crescent Temp Book CoverBloodCrescentcover


I’m very excited about this cover. Artwork generously and beautifully created by Ashen Sorrow Designs And with the help of Ben Cook Productions I was able to then get all these words up in that art. It’s so pretty that I wish it was already published! It’s so close I can taste it. Preorder available on July 23rd 2018! Keep up to date on it’s availability by signing up for my mailing list and following the book on GoodReads!

New Book Cover SNEAK PEAK

I’m super excited to show everyone my new book cover design for Blood Crescent assisted by the wonderful artwork of Ashen Sorrow Designs Sneak Peak:

Front Cover Crescent stevie mccoy sneak peak

The process is rolling, and book one of the divine series will be available for preorder by June 23rd 2018. Currently the darling is being dressed up and shown off to reviewers. Once reviews are in, then WHAM! Before you know it the book is out and about and ready to give you just as much joy as I did creating it.