Narration Sample

Thanks for considering me to bring your book baby to life!

You can check out the rest of my samples and my page:

Here is the audition/sample for your review:

If there are mis-pronunciations of places, characters, please let me know. Please provide a style guide about all main characters, any particular character names or places that need special pronunciations to avoid pickups/edits later down the line.

Laura E. Thompson Prologue to The Secret of Magik and Blood:

Laura E. Thompson Prologue to The Burden of Destiny:


All voices can be changed up if you prefer a different feel for a character before actual production.

I request a style sheet for each book, including main characters with brief descriptions of who they are and spoilers, special pronunciations, particular locations that you prefer pronounced a certain way, anything that will help me create the best possible adaptation.

Main characters I will create rough character voice samples for your approval before completing the project. I can create a few options for voices of the hissing Shapatre, if you don’t like the option in the sample.)

Payment choices: Royalty Plus, or Full PFH Rates (50% royalty with 1/4 -$50- normal PFH Rate) or ($200 PFH) Average around 8,200 words per finished hour. An 80,000 word book can run around 9.75 finished hours, and it takes a narrator an average of 5-8 hours to create 1 finished hour. Which means $200 PFH is around $25.00 an hour for my time, or royalties plus $6.00 an hour for my time with the hopes of making up the difference in royalties over the course of several years usually.

Let me know if you have any questions, and if you’d like to move forward with scheduling and planning out your production:

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