Blood is on the Horizon!

A few updates, as well as a sneak peek at the upcoming title BLOOD QUEEN, book three. Haven’t read the previous books see their sneak peeks in previous posts. Blood Crescent and Blood Rebirth.

Voted 2019 Best Indie Book top 20. Blood Crescent made it to number 18, and Blood Rebirth was number 9! How exciting! Click the picture to go check out Amy’s website! Thank you Amy and to all those who voted for the Divine Series.

Blood Queen is on the horizon!

I’d like to apologize to everyone who has been waiting impatiently patiently for the next book. Previously, I had planned on it being released already. However, being a new mom has delayed things more than I had anticipated. You go into it thinking, babies sleep a lot so I should have plenty of time to get things all together. Then you have a baby and realize that it’s not one lump sum of sleep, you’re on constant duty because their sleep patterns are all over the place, and they need to feed constantly. Who knew? Every parent ever, but they don’t warn you… oh no, they don’t warn you about this, because then the human race would go extinct, and there is a sick twisted part in every person that wishes the same fate on others because they too had to go through that fate.

Fast forward a few months and mom life is actually pretty great, even with the lack of sleep, but now I’m getting a rhythm down, and can squeeze in my writing time, editing time, and of course UPDATE time to chat with you all. Want to get exclusive sneak peeks, and monthly updates from me? Please sign up for my newsletter, and all the goodies are yours.

My goodies bring all the readers to the emails, and I’m like it’s got to be good. Damn right, it’s going to be good. I can show you, but you have to join! Yes, I brought back 2004 Milkshake and I swear I will have my child dancing to this song in the future too, it’s that entertaining.

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Now, on to the sneak peek of BLOOD QUEEN.


Eat Your Heart Out

Brandy saw a vision of my death, I know she did. It’s why she pushed me away and treated me like an insect, didn’t want me to get close to her. Didn’t want to see me die. Or didn’t want to care when it happened. We were separated now, I knew that much, but if her diviner magic was right then I would be seeing her again soon enough. Though now I debated whether I wanted to face what horrors she saw in her visions.


Are You An Author?

Are you an Author?
At what point do you start a blog? Now.

At what point are you an author? Now… we’re getting complicated.

Well, by definition an author is a writer of a book, article, report, or piece of writing.

Have you written something? If you can say yes to this, then you are an author. And by default that also makes you a writer. TA-DA! Do you feel like you’ve just leveled up? I sure do, because despite the definition, as black and white as it can get, sometimes I don’t feel like an author or a writer due to peer pressure.

What I “FEEL” like an author is, is a person that generates a book, and that book is for sale, available for reading, as proof of having written. That is a very tough definition, because by nature a book is a very long lengthy process, that becomes more difficult to complete because you’re so wrapped up in the image of if you are or are not an author. All that time you’re spending writing can be looked upon as frivolous. So during that whole time of writing, a blog, an article, a short story, a flash fiction, a serial novel, a letter, etc. Are you not a writer then? Are you not producing written content then? Are you not considered to be the infamous AUTHOR?

I’ve come to tell you in my first blog post of my spankin’ new website to brighten your weary writer’s soul to say, “YES, WE ARE!”

And the time is now, to start that author website, to write that blog, to finally call yourself an author. Because all this prep work on the web, it isn’t something you should be doing after (Insert random event/procrastination attempt here.) It’s something you should be doing right now, build your readership, build your network of writerly friends that will help support you during the tough times. Because there will be tough times.

I’m here to share my author journey with you, and I hope you’ll share your own experience with me as well. Tell me when you first decided to start writing, tell me when you first decided to start your website, tell me when you first decided to start your blog and what was your first post? Feel free to tag your website/post in the comments.

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See you there.