Blood Crescent Chapter Two

The countdown is descending upon us! Release of Blood Crescent is in 7 days!

Below is a link to CHAPTER TWO in PDF! I hope you’re super excited for the release on September 21st! Don’t forget to drop on by to visit the blog tour from the 17th through the 28th!

Get ready, set…. READ!

Blood Crescent-CHAPTER 2

Haven’t read chapter one yet? Go to previous post here.

Chapter One of Blood Crescent

The countdown is descending upon us! Release of Blood Crescent is in 14 days!

Below is a link to CHAPTER ONE in PDF and chapter two will be released next Friday the 14th, and then BOOM release day will be here before you know it on the 21st.

Get ready, set…. READ!

Blood Crescent-CHAPTER 1

New Book Cover SNEAK PEAK

I’m super excited to show everyone my new book cover design for Blood Crescent assisted by the wonderful artwork of Ashen Sorrow Designs Sneak Peak:

Front Cover Crescent stevie mccoy sneak peak

The process is rolling, and book one of the divine series will be available for preorder by June 23rd 2018. Currently the darling is being dressed up and shown off to reviewers. Once reviews are in, then WHAM! Before you know it the book is out and about and ready to give you just as much joy as I did creating it.

PNWA Conference-Pitch Perfect

PNWA Conference Pitch Perfect Blog

July Isn’t that Far Away

Preparing for my first writer’s conference, pitch perfect

I must admit, I’ve been writing for years and never went to a writer’s conference before. So this coming July I will be popping my author conference cherry with the PNWA Conference. It was always so expensive to go to one, which deterred me for many years, it isn’t any less expensive now, but building my network, getting the experience, and meeting some agents is an investment that I… (more…)


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S.M. McCoy is the author of Fantasy Paranormal Romance and the Divine series, third book releasing 2019.

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*** Update: Blood Crescent got a Makeover!!!  ***

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“I was running away again, but I wouldn’t leave alone. I picked option C: the unknown.” – Blood Crescent

Blood Crescent

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