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Now, on to the real news of today! Taking Medusa is LAUNCHED!


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My blood can cure death, but it can also be the deadliest poison on Earth, and the gods will try to kill me just for existing.

Hades wants me to join him. Zeus is still bitter about an age-old prophecy that the dark gods, the monsters of Tartarus, will rule Olympus. And Poseidon is the key to everything, maybe even my heart, but his son, Triton, rules Atlantis, and I accidentally killed his daughter, Coraline.

All I know for certain is the gods have mistreated us ‘monsters’ long enough, and I’m yanking through the ribbons of fate to change my history before I’m beheaded all over again.

My name is Alessandra, most call me Aless, and I had no idea my family was more than just superstitious, they were hiding me from the gods, and lying about who I was.

I was Medusa.

And now that the gods have found me… I’m destined to die.

Myth retelling from Medusa’s perspective. After all, history is written by the victors, and the bards got the story all wrong. Poets were influenced by the reigning Olympians, and Medusa still lives in Florida after convincing her over-protective mom to let her go to college. Her previous life was erased from her memory so the gods wouldn’t find her, but fate has a way of repeating itself, and the sea is calling for her return in this page-turning fantasy adventure romance.

Featured in Veronica Scott’s Weekly New Releases!

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I’m absolutely blown away with the positive vibes I’ve been getting back from reviewers and I hope many more readers will immerse themselves within my imagination and share this wonderful adventure with me!

Until next time! Go forth, check out Taking Medusa Available with Kindle Unlimited, and soon Audible!


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