So here it is! From this to this:

Blood Crescent Temp Book CoverBloodCrescentcover


I’m very excited about this cover. Artwork generously and beautifully created by Ashen Sorrow Designs¬†And with the help of Ben Cook Productions I was able to then get all these words up in that art. It’s so pretty that I wish it was already published! It’s so close I can taste it. Preorder available on July 23rd 2018! Keep up to date on it’s availability by signing up for my mailing list and following the book on GoodReads!

New Book Cover SNEAK PEAK

I’m super excited to show everyone my new book cover design for Blood Crescent assisted by the wonderful artwork of Ashen Sorrow Designs¬†Sneak Peak:

Front Cover Crescent stevie mccoy sneak peak

The process is rolling, and book one of the divine series will be available for preorder by June 23rd 2018. Currently the darling is being dressed up and shown off to reviewers. Once reviews are in, then WHAM! Before you know it the book is out and about and ready to give you just as much joy as I did creating it.