Sneak Peek – Divine Series – Lathar’s POV

If you loved the Divine Series, you’ll love that book one is being redone from Lathar’s POV. Take a look:

Soul Stealer – Book One of the Divine Series by Lathar.

There could only be a few reasons that Lathar could think of for why a serpent would have their memories wiped so thoroughly. He stared at himself through the dingy warped glass of the public bathroom not recognizing the man standing before him. It was a blessing from the Moon Goddess he even remembered what he was so he didn’t get executed by the council for accidentally killing a human, which would have been a very real and likely scenario for his kind. How he knew that was nothing more than a blurry notion he but accepted as a known truth.
Apparently there was a council, he thought, rubbing his face and tugging at his blond hair. Intrinsically he knew they were a threat to his life, and it was best to remain under the radar. It was entirely possible his lack of memories about his life previous could be traced back to them, if he chose to dig up those threads. Leaving the rotten human waste facility he decided some things were best left alone.
He had to face facts, he was either a criminal punished by the council, a victim of another shifter clan, or he did this to himself. Lathar didn’t feel evil so he dismissed that theory, because he had no desire to murder humans.
The park was scattered with humans enjoying the pleasant weather of the end of summer. Lathar could tell the season by the yellow shade of the leaves, sure, but it was the pooling of the tree’s aura from the branches back down into the roots to store away for preparation of winter that told him the coming of fall. Again, he thought himself a decent enough soul that he had no desire to drain the trees of their life prematurely. He couldn’t be all that bad if he cared about oxygen he didn’t even need should the tree die from his feeding.
Everything in moderation, he mused as he wandered the park drawn by a particularly intoxicating vibration in the air. His hand reached out, and inhaling the energy lingering there he licked his lips in indescribable pleasure. The aura nearly incapacitated his senses to the point where he felt himself draining the grass, as it turned brown and ashen beneath his boots. Whatever the source he wouldn’t risk losing the trail. He steeled himself against the delectable miasma, and closed his eyes feeling his way to wherever it led.
It felt familiar to him, comforting even.
Skin tingled as he resisted taking the aura into himself like a drug.
Lathar gathered the aura around himself, keeping it close by, surrounding himself with it and accumulating more as he walked. What could produce this kind of energy and allow it to float freely about… wasted, he thought?
Sweet, he licked his lips allowing just a taste. His fangs extended, making his gums ache. He tensed his muscles, back taut anticipating some kind of trap. If the council were trying to lure one of his kind to capture this was the perfect way to do it. He couldn’t imagine many serpents could control themselves around such an aura.
Should he consume the energy and defend himself? He ducked off the trail, and sat on a log hidden by bushes. The whole park could be seen from this vantage point, if someone were coming, he’d see it… unless they were already here.
Too distracted with the energy surrounding him, he didn’t notice the wisp of a human that approached. Black hair, no, it was dark brown with hints of red and blonde highlights only seen in the right light of the sun, or by keen eyes such as his, was pulled back into a sloppy heap upon her head. A notepad in her hand, she finally glanced up with green emeralds that narrowed quizzically at him.
A soft voice reached his ears, “You seem down.”
The small thing didn’t realize what he was, a predator, a danger to her kind, and yet… he felt no desire to drain her of her life.

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Blood is on the Horizon!

A few updates, as well as a sneak peek at the upcoming title BLOOD QUEEN, book three. Haven’t read the previous books see their sneak peeks in previous posts. Blood Crescent and Blood Rebirth.

Voted 2019 Best Indie Book top 20. Blood Crescent made it to number 18, and Blood Rebirth was number 9! How exciting! Click the picture to go check out Amy’s website! Thank you Amy and to all those who voted for the Divine Series.

Blood Queen is on the horizon!

I’d like to apologize to everyone who has been waiting impatiently patiently for the next book. Previously, I had planned on it being released already. However, being a new mom has delayed things more than I had anticipated. You go into it thinking, babies sleep a lot so I should have plenty of time to get things all together. Then you have a baby and realize that it’s not one lump sum of sleep, you’re on constant duty because their sleep patterns are all over the place, and they need to feed constantly. Who knew? Every parent ever, but they don’t warn you… oh no, they don’t warn you about this, because then the human race would go extinct, and there is a sick twisted part in every person that wishes the same fate on others because they too had to go through that fate.

Fast forward a few months and mom life is actually pretty great, even with the lack of sleep, but now I’m getting a rhythm down, and can squeeze in my writing time, editing time, and of course UPDATE time to chat with you all. Want to get exclusive sneak peeks, and monthly updates from me? Please sign up for my newsletter, and all the goodies are yours.

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Now, on to the sneak peek of BLOOD QUEEN.


Eat Your Heart Out

Brandy saw a vision of my death, I know she did. It’s why she pushed me away and treated me like an insect, didn’t want me to get close to her. Didn’t want to see me die. Or didn’t want to care when it happened. We were separated now, I knew that much, but if her diviner magic was right then I would be seeing her again soon enough. Though now I debated whether I wanted to face what horrors she saw in her visions.


Blood Crescent Chapter Two

The countdown is descending upon us! Release of Blood Crescent is in 7 days!

Below is a link to CHAPTER TWO in PDF! I hope you’re super excited for the release on September 21st! Don’t forget to drop on by to visit the blog tour from the 17th through the 28th!

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Blood Crescent-CHAPTER 2

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Chapter One of Blood Crescent

The countdown is descending upon us! Release of Blood Crescent is in 14 days!

Below is a link to CHAPTER ONE in PDF and chapter two will be released next Friday the 14th, and then BOOM release day will be here before you know it on the 21st.

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Blood Crescent-CHAPTER 1

Blood Rebirth Progress Update

I just completed the Revising phase of Blood Rebirth! Now onto Editing! Book is in the hands of my editor for a manuscript evaluation!

Blood Rebirth
Due:6 years ago