You’re All Set – Regular Weekly Newsletter for S.M. McCoy

Thank you for being part of my author journey! It’s nice to know that you want to hear more from me again, and you’re welcome to return to monthly at any time. I try to keep my emails entertaining, and not just some junk in your inbox.

You know the kind… the emails that are just a bunch of book images stacked in an email and nothing new, so you simply scan past them and they clog up your inbox? Well, I don’t want that, and neither do you, I suspect. That’s why I always include something fun, along with a few books to check out. You can feel free to check them out or not, and there is always something entertaining to read regardless, whether it’s a getting to know you email, behind the scenes of writing, something I found interesting on the interwebs, or even a Q&A from readers.

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