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There’s been a 12 months of books challenge going around for our upcoming 2022 reading lists, where you ask your friends to recommend 12 books to read next year. I decided to take it one step farther, and make it Indie.
Support Indie, and share the Indie love next year with filling your 12 months of book recommendations with the underdogs.
I even made a fun little poster for you to fill out. Please do tag me when you add your books to your list, and even as you review them #12monthsofIndie @authormarie
Or start your own fun, either way I’d love to see what books you come up with and which ones rocked your reading world. So, help me fill out my own indie books for 2022 by replying to my Twitter or Facebook post about this image:

Feel free to copy and use this template for your own challenge to join the Indie 2022 12 months of books challenge!

Looking forward to filling my TBR, and every book that ends up making it on my list will be reviewed and promoted on my Newsletter to help spread the word!

If you’re looking to add an indie YA Paranormal Fantasy to your TBR I would be super flattered if my own books ended up on your list for 2022 if you haven’t already read them, but as I’m bias I’ll also recommend one I’m currently reading from an awesome lady that I met virtually at the PNWA conference Anne Winchell:

Sixty years after the genetically enhanced superhumans known as Díamonts incited World War III and sparked a new global order, humanity has finally settled into an era of relative peace.

Within the United Eastern World, an underground revolution has a new leader who poses a serious threat for the first time in decades. Raven, an agent of the United Eastern World and a former revolutionary, is sent to locate the new leader but finds his old loyalties stirring as he reenters the slums of NeoLondon.

He meets Nalia, a young woman with superhuman abilities who persuades him to rethink his mission and his past crimes. His actions, however, destabilize the careful balance of political power between the competing world governments and war seems imminent.

Together, Raven and Nalia must face the start of a new war, one threatening to end life on Earth forever, as they follow their twin paths in an unknown and unforgiving world.

A missing mother. A magical birthright. Can she uncover the secrets of her family legacy before the bloodline runs dry?

My name is Chrystal Dylan, and I was born with the worst super power ever, a lightning rod for supernatural energy that attracts vampires like cat nip to feed from. Nothing like being an all you can eat buffet, until one decided to “save” me from that fate by triggering my transition into the very thing killing me.

Considering that was the least of my problems, I have a council looking to eliminate all anomalies threatening to expose them to the human world, it just so happens that I’m one of them, and so is my best friend Victor. I won’t go down without some answers, including what they did with my mom.

Blood Crescent is the first novel in the exhilarating Divine Series of YA paranormal fantasies. If you like hidden magical realms, fresh new takes on vampire lore, and heartfelt journeys of self-discovery, then you’ll love Stevie McCoy’s spellbinding coming-of-age tale.

I look forward to seeing what recommendations I get for my INDIE 12 MONTHS OF BOOKS 2022!

Until next time!


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